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HFT succeed to immunise 19.25% TRIPURA feliciated by World Nation IN BANGKOK

Bangkok Conference of Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver (APASL 2011) FELICITATE Hepatitis Foundation Of Tripura FOR MAKING 19.25% HEPATITIS B FREEDOM in TRIPURA
Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura has been Felicitate by the world Nation on the Inaugural Dias of 21st Asia Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver 2011 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, Bangkok, Thailand. The Major Organising Partner Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation's Asia Pacific Director Phangisile Mtshali & Teerha Piratvisuth, M.D., President, APASL 2011 with Wattana Sukeepaisarnjaroen, M.D. of Postgraduate Course Committee Chairman of APASL 2011 FELICITATE Dr Pradip Bhaumik being the President of Hepatitis Foundation Of Tripura for his innovative initiative to offer a great millage to make a total state Population Hepatitis B Free.

APASL 2011
 Dr Pradip Bhaumik in his reply address with a Presentation declared that the Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura has been succeeded to immunised the 19% of the state Tripura population by the eight activity years since 2002, when the organisation has been established with the motto to generate awareness among the backward state population and also to immunise them against Hepatitis B to ensure the Hepatitis B freedom in Tripura.

The World Nation once again designated the Hepatitis Foundation Of Tripura as the role model for HEPATITIS B FREEDOM MOVEMENT towards the whole world and encouraged the HFT Programmes which has also been framed as "multi centric" due to its coverage policy from neonates through AT BIRTH HEPATITIS B VACCINATION to adults through Branch wise clinic networks through out the Tripura State Geo-area.

Dr Pradip Bhaumik President of Hepatitis Foundation Of Tripura in his teach to the world fraternity about the awareness irrigation among the isolated state population about the deadly disease Hepatitis B said, Hepatitis Foundation of TRIPURA has taken all kinds of a-z tools to combat the deadly disease in its movement culture to be succeed towards the goal to achieve the motto of HEPATITIS FREE TRIPURA-HFT, which marked the success and also recognised a model activity that could be able to address the world nation to make a collective movement towards Hepatitis B freedom.

Dr Bhaumik Highlight, The Foundation took multi centric activities considering the transmission of the virus from Neonates to Adults including Pregnant and conducted HEPATITIS ERADICATION PROGRAMME subsequently for the two years in 2009-10 & in 2010-11, which is the ever first initiative of the organisation in INDIA among the globe apart from introducing the AT BIRTH HEPATITIS B VACCINATION PROGRAMME at the each GOVT hospitals to ensure the 100% Hepatitis B FREE gen-next, which is also be the ever first programme in INDIA along with its background field works. He Highlight, In Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital Of AGARTALA CAPITAL, where the AT BIRTH HB VACCINATION started in the first Month of introduction of the programme out of 345 neonates born in Jan 2011 since 7th Jan 2011 after introducing the programme HFT covered total 268 Babies in the First MONTH.

Dr Bhaumik also revealed, HFT since 2008 to till 2010, trained Doctors, Students, Nurses, Volunteers,  ASHA Community workers respectively 2866, 28300, 2201, 2902 and 4201 persons, which makes possible to open population friendly vaccination centre at the various and remotest part of the state in 2008, 28 centers, in 2009 - 149, and in 2010 - 300 centres and make possible to vaccinate the people respectively 101800, 205500, 220347, and totally in those three active years 527647 as a whole.

Dr Bhaumik said, HFT is active in such field since 2002 and achieved to vaccinate the state population in a scientific manner. HFT achieved to vaccinate up to 2005 - 58181, in 2006 - 47708, in 2007 - 53804, in 2008 - 101800, in 2009 - 205500, in 2010 - 220347, hence for net totally 693265, out of which adult 384542 and children 308723. The achievement of HFT is significant as the total vaccinated population is the 19.25% of the state Tripura population.

Dr Bhaumik obliged to the TRIPURA STATE LEFT FRONT GOVERNMENT and said, The operation TO BE HEPATITIS B FREE has been come to the scenario as a marked and valued one due to the token but strenghtfull support of the Tripura state Left front Government as the total success story has its own Praised feature of "PPP" model in between both GOVT and NGO joint venture, which the rear most & unique of its kind in the national and international scenario.

Dr Bhaumik thanked the APASL conference and said, The BEIJING summit is the source of inspiration to combat the deadly disease in a different manner and hence for HFT took the HELP PLUS PROJECT to start the AT BIRTH HEPATITIS B vaccination in Tripura.

Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre
The 21st APASL 2011 will run till 20 February 2011 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, Bangkok, Thailand.
Dr Bhaumik will also deliver his speech in the conference where a broad symposium will be initiated with the motto of " DELIVERING HOPE - Learning & sharing ", which has confirmed the time to HEPATITIS FOUNDATION OF TRIPURA to teach the world nation about A-Z know hows of "Tripura - a Geo-isolated State towards Hepatitis B free".

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