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The Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura has done a remarkable duty for the mankind as the organization in the form of NGO – Government partnership has been succeed to implement the mass movement for the health and vaccination for all.

The organization is building confidence in the mind of the mass of Tripura state through Hepatitis B vaccination. Both the Health and Power Minister of the state Tripura Govt. appreciated while inaugurating the Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura initiative Phase 2 Hepatitis B Eradication Programme 2010 at Sankriti Sadan at Jirania - the city 16 km away from Agartala – the capital of Tripura state of north eastern India.

Phase 2 Hepatitis B Eradication Program is an ambitious Mass Vaccination project of HFT undertaken in Tripura for immunizing two lakhs people across the state in a single day with Hepatitis B vaccine, which is an international record and agitation to the India Government too. Health Minister of Tripura Shri Tapan chakraborti declared in his speech.

According to the project, the 2nd Annual Hepatitis B Eradicational 3 dates immunization Program the first starting dose has been administered by today November 21, 2010.

“The organization has planed the first dose, which has been administered on November 21, today and the program would be followed by second dose on upcoming December 26 and third dose on May 22 next year as par the WHO recommended Hepatitis-B vaccination guidelines”, appealing to generate a mass movement Health Minister redefined the Program.

The Tripura State Govt. Health Education and Family welfare Minister Shri Tapan Chakraboti in his inaugural speech said, “The Tripura state has been recognized it’s statehood and stood first as a state having population of highest average age for both men and women gender respectively 74 and 70 among the whole Indian nation. Minister pointed out that the organization Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura is active to upgrade the average age and healthy life of the state population. Minister of Health also advised the people of Tripura, who scored first position in blood donation at the national level too, to donate blood on yearly basis so that each and every body may become aware about their health status as the donated blood get tested clinically for infectious diseases. Minister of Health said, India Govt should know that without the help of the central, state Govt is also able to implement the Hepatitis B vaccination at the state level. Minister said, “The state Govt is helping the Dearing initiative of Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura to vaccinate scientifically as the Central Govt rejected the similar project proposal demanded by the state Govt.”

The Tripura State Power and Panchayat Minister Shri Manik De highlighted himself as a vaccinated person against Hepatitis B with the proper guidance of the Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura and appealed all the mankind of the state to be vaccinated against Hepatitis B. He appealed to organize the mass initiative (in Bengali – “Gana Udyog”) towards Hepatitis B Eradication and towards Hepatitis Free state.

The inauguration festival has also been addressed by Member of Tripura Legislative Assembly Shri Pabitra Kar, Director of Tripra state Govt Health Services DR Satya Ranjan Debbarma and the President of Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura Dr Pradip Bhaumik.

President of the HFT, Dr Pradip Bhaumik said, “the organization had been established more than 200 centers including 80 at the tribal areas and 85 at the Indo Bangladesh Border areas at the Tripura state Government Health institutes to cover the whole Tripura state as a part of the action plan & also involved 2600 volunteers from both Govt and organisational sector.”

Dr Bhaumik said, “Through this venture HFT hopes to immunise 5.07% tribal population against the total immunisational coverage achieved by the organisation.

Dr Bhaumik said, “The tribal population of Tripura is too much sensetive with the HBsAg positivity towards Hepatitis B by 13% as documented by the study of ICMR of Govt of India”. He said, Tripura is also faceing sensetive problem due to cross border transmission of virus as neighbour Bangladesh has almost 0.80 lac chronic Hepatitis B patient. He said, “The statistics of Bangladesh has also been confirmed by Dr Mammon Al Mehtab Asst Prof of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and associated with Viral Hepatitis Foundation of Bengladesh as General Secretary. Dr Pradip Bhaumik highlights that it is truely briefed by Dr Mamoon, who pointed out if the state Tripura could not achieve Heapatitis free status at their state level then it is impossible for Bangladesh too to achieve the goal of Hepatitis Free Bangladesh.

Dr Bhaumik said, “More over the nearest neighbouring indian state Arunachal Pradesh is also sensetive due to the native tribal population in which community the positivity of Hepatitis B virus is 23% because of vertical transmission and non institutional baby delivery at the non hygenic place. He also said, “The Tripura state general positivity is in between 4-5% and more threateningly 11% of the doctor’s fraternity is also HbsAg positive in the state Tripura.”

Dr Bhaumik, said, "There is no need of taking extra vaccination as well as no need of booster dose too." He confirms, “The last dose i.e. on 6th month's 3rd dose vaccination of the 0-1-6 month schedule, it self acts as booster to upgrade the immunity in the normal body." Differenciate the aforesaid immunization program with Pulse Polio Dr Bhaumik appealed to the people who taken the three dose of Hepatitis B vaccine to make aware other population to get vaccinated with Hepatitis B vaccine instead of confusing ownself regarding to take the same vaccine again and again because Hepatitis B vaccine is not needed after taking total 3 shouts in a proper interval.

Dr Bhaumik confirms through this initiative the organization will add the 5% more people of the state with the up dated vaccinated and achievement status of the organization 5.5 lacs population of the state tripura since 2002, which is regarded as 16% of the total state population.

“The HFT had been recognized internationally for its introductory phase - one of the ‘Hepatitis B Eradicational 3 dates immunization Program’ in the wake of successful vaccination of 0.88 lakhs people inspite of the gathering of 1.2 lacs. We lost due to lack of arrangement as a first time implementation draw back” Dr Bhaumik said.

The initiative has been stressed at the uncovered and remotest areas, tribal belts of the state, and the Indo Bangle Border areas to eradicate the deadly disease Hepatitis B. The initial report confirms satisfactory feedback from the people of Tripura state at the level of above lacs vaccination and the massive response at the International Border Areas of the state.

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